yoga-glo-150x150I’ve spent a few weeks with each of the online Yoga programs and some of my students give their own rave Yogaglo reviews so I thought I’d see for myself.

After spending a few weeks with the program and talking to my friends who have used it for months, I can tell you guys all about it.

Here’s why is one of the best, most popular and cheapest online yoga websites today:

  • For only $18 per month you can get unlimited yoga classes for the first 15 days free.
  • Offers yoga for women, yoga for cyclists, Anusara, Ashtanga, basica, and many more.
  • Choose from 5 minutes to 2 hours of online yoga classes.
  • Access classes from some of the most popular yoga teachers today like Seane Corn, Richard Freeman, Jodi Blumstein, Sally Kempton, and many more.

How it Works

The classes they offer in are recorded live at the Yogaglo studio in Santa Monica, California giving you the feel of doing yoga live with the whole class and the instructor at the studio which is an amazing experience.

What’s even better is that if you live near the area, you can also take these classes for free with your membership online.

The videos are then uploaded to the Yogaglo website, where you can view them. With a membership fee of just $18 a month, you get unlimited access to the online archive of videos anytime, anywhere!

What They Offer

One of the best things about is the classes they yoga11-150x150offer for a variety of yoga styles, including prenatal, vinyasa, Jivamikti, and Anusara.

You also have the option to choose your session by the length of the class (from five minutes to two hours) which you can insert to your hectic schedule, preferred teacher so you can experience what it feels like to attend classes of some of the best and popular yoga teachers without having to spend so much, level of practice, and area of anatomical focus.

You’re sure to get the best selection for you to find classes that will suit your needs, plus the content is constantly being updated with new classes giving you the best quality classes everyday.

Why it Works

The videos at offer real yoga classes, which again gives you the ultimate feel of attending an actual yoga class at a studio.

The site offers both depth and breadth, and will only continue to expand. The site’s big strength is in its variety.

Don’t have enough time to do a full yoga class? You can watch a 5 minute – 2 hours yoga class to help you insert your workout on your hectic schedule. Do you want to focus on some abdominal work?

You can do that as well. Yogaglo is one of the best ways to get quality yoga videos any time you want them. If you don’t have the time to attend a full yoga class at a studio is one of the best alternatives to give you the ultimate yoga experience anytime you want.

yoga-22-150x150Another thing you will love about is how user-friendly their website is, you can basically start by choosing classes based on various options.

There are classes by over 20 of some of the best and most popular yoga teachers to pick from which assures quality content.

They also offer classes for 10 different styles of yoga such as ashtanga, meditation, flow, kundalini, etc. giving you the option to mix things up or even try a new style to help you create a more effective program that will suit you and help you reach your goals.

Another thing I like about yogaglo is the option to choose your class based on duration (ranges from 5 minutes to 2 hours) or skill level which helps you find the right class you want for your program and help you save time.

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