Yoga Vibes Review

yoga-vibes-150x150I met an old college friend the other week and I was so amazed at how fit and radiant she was. So we talked and I finally asked her how she was able to keep in shape and even better than I last saw her, she told me her secret was Yogavibes.

As you may know, I’m a Yoga Instructor practicing in Chicago and, immediately, I was excited to review Yogavibes for myself.  So I signed up at  There’s a lot of online yoga websites that you can choose but…

Yogavibes is definitely one of the best and here’s why:

  • They offer a 15-Day free trial with unlimited access to all online yoga-2-300x199yoga classes.
  • It’s affordable at $20 monthly class passes with unlimited access to all online yoga classes.
  • Offers a 2 months free class passes for their annual subscription.
  • Offers exhale mind body spa, yoga for athletes, exhale core fusion, exhale yoga, and a lot more.
  • Features classes by Justin Michael Williams, Elizabeth Halfpaff, Cristi Christensen and many more.

If $20 a month is too expensive, there are still some great alternatives at $10

My friend told me to try the Core Fusion class and so I did. The online version was so amazing, I felt how extreme and effective the workout is. I also got to take class with Elisabeth and Fred who I later found out is the founders of Core Fusion.

I was ready for the class with my mat, light hand weights (3 and 5 lbs), a resistance band and towel ready I set up my laptop to get started.

I had such an amazing experience because of how much it felt like I was really in class. The energy from the instructors as well as the students came through even though I wasn’t with them in person.

Also, seeing the instructors correct people and having them provide tips on how to improve your form made a huge difference.

Here’s some more of the best features that I like about Yogavibes:

Strike a Pose:

yoga3-150x150What’s great about the strike a pose section aside from the fact that it is very accurate and helpful is that you can access it for free-you don’t need a membership to view!  They offer videos that help you understand how each post is done correctly

Clean Design:

The website has a clean design which makes it very easy to navigate unlike some websites that are a little crowded making it difficult to find what you want easily.

Teacher’s Spotlight:

I always want to get the best quality in everything which is why I want to attend the classes of the most reliable yoga instructors. With teachers spotlight I get to know my teacher’s backgrounds and see where their website is.  Plus a list of their classes listed on the teacher’s page makes it even better.


It helps you see what other yogis think of classes giving you a firsthand experience view which could help you decide what classes to take depending on your goals.

Yoga for Kids:

What I like about this is that you can make yoga a family activity which could help your relationship with the kids grow and even help you balance your schedule between workout and quality time with the kids.

Being able to sort by focus (i.e. hip openers, inversions and arm balances, etc.):

This feature helps you save time in finding the right program for you to follow depending on what you want to achieve.

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