My Yoga Online Review


**Update – My Yoga Online and Giam TV have partnered up under Giam TV**
I injured by hands a little bit in a strange shopping accident so my doctor asked me to let it heal a few weeks until I could resume working out and doing other physical activities.  Since I couldn’t teach my Yoga class, one of my students asked me if My Yoga Online would be a good substitute for me while I recovered.

There are a lot of great options out there for people and from the ones I’ve looked at, you really can’t go wrong. After checking out My Yoga Online and talking to people who have tried it, here is my official My Yoga Online Review.

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One of my top choices for online yoga website (and 2nd overall) is My Yoga Online and this is why:


  • Unlimited access to the entire library of videos for yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts fusion, meditation, and workplace wellness for as low as $10 per month or $90 for a whole year.
  • Features video classes from the popular yoga teachers like Kino McGregor, Ashleigh Sergeant, Kreg Weiss, Rod Stryker, Cyndi Lee and lot more.
  • Offers yoga, beginner yoga, Studio Classes, pilates & dance, meditation, workplace wellness and workshops.

The great thing about My Yoga Online is that it offers a variety of ways to stay fit at your most convenient time.  Not only that, they also offer a great array of online yoga courses, as well as a Healthy Living Community where you can connect with other members and have an array of beauty and health articles, personal development and healthy recipes cater your lifestyle goals.

My Yoga Online also lets you search by style, studio, teacher, duration, and length. So you could actually narrow down your search to find a 10-minute class taught by Kino McGregor in the Such and such style that will cater your needs and goals.

What I like about My Yoga Online:

  • They offer one of the cheapest online yoga subscription for Only $9.95/month and $89.95/year
  • The website is very easy to use where you can set favorite videos so they are easy to find later.
  • They have a great yoga poses section where you can search for and practice specific poses to cater your specific goals.
  • My Yoga Online offers more than just yoga!  They also have pilates, workplace wellness, meditation, and healthy living sections.  I also tried the pilates section and have fallen in love with it!
  • The website also offers a wellness diary where you can write and share your progress and experiences.  This is really nice for those who want to do a blog but don’t want to fully commit to one.  You can also use this to track your progress and what your feelings are towards your own practice.
  • My Yoga Online has different programs you can sign up for so that you have a more structured routine than going on and looking for videos.
  • There are articles on subjects to educate you more on yoga which is really helpful for beginners like me.
  • I love their referral program! If you refer your friends they get 2 free weeks and you get one month of premium membership when your friends purchase any type of plan which you can’t get from other websites.

Being good at yoga takes only daily practice, but with our busy lives, travel and hectic schedules it’s difficult to schedule in a fixed and reliable routine.  If you find that its getting harder to find time to practice yoga, it might be wise to invest in an online service like My Yoga Online!