Customer Feedback

This is probably the best spent money that I have had the pleasure of encountering in a LONG while. Please keep up this wonderful site, yes, I have visited others and they cower compared to yours (it was just for some variation to my existing Yoga world). I always come back to you! I will spread the word and bring on more videos, I’m in heaven!

Sabrina Leigh, USA

Yoga Learning Center is such a fab idea and a wonderful resource! I am a Midwife here in London, and so I can’t commit to a scheduled class due to the shifts I work, but with your wonderful site, not only am I able to practice Yoga regularly, but I am able to use the breathing techniques t have learned to assist the women that I care for. So many of them have said that the breathing I have talked them through really helped them stay in control in their labour. I even received a letter from a client 6 months after the birth, saying that she had taken up Yoga as she had found the breathing so useful during her labour. I only discovered your website a couple of weeks ago, but have already noticed an improvement in my Yoga practice, through being able to practice regularly, and have recommended your site to several friends! Thank you!

Sarah, London, UK

I would just like to thank everyone involved with The Yoga Learning Center. This is a fabulous resource and a blessing to myself, and many others I am sure. I am just beginning Yoga and I think that having a studio come to you, in the privacy of your own home, especially as a novice, is invaluable. Thank you so much for sharing your information and your wisdom with the world in this manner. May you all be blessed. Namaste

Holly Jarvis

Thanks for your top quality service, I have been through many Yoga websites, but I hadn’t experienced such services. I am Niran from the middle east- Jordan. I practiced Yoga for a year under the supervision of yoga teacher, but the instruction and practicing which I got from your website is much better, I had very bad tension and depression for the last two weeks, after watching your video I feel released. I highly appreciate your service, thank you very much and hope that I know more about your yoga lessons and services. Kind Regards